Sunday, 1 January 2012

Prince Rama Interview

We are big fans of Brooklyn's Prince Rama and when it came time to getting remixes for the EP, there was no way we were going to go the stereotypical route, we wanted it to be done by people we actually listen to and by people who actually have something real to say. 

We had a quick chat with the super chilled sisters Taraka & Nimai Larson about their up coming Australian tour, how boss Omar Souleyman is and what they know about Aussie bands.

What's up!! Thanks for lending your time! Firstly, tell us about growing up in Florida & your Hare Krishna upbringing ? 
We moved to Florida after 9/11 from a tiny bible belt town in Texas. The hare Krishna farm out there is one of the largest ones in America, and we were totally immersed in this dazzling sonic environment of prayer bells, indian drums, and Sanskrit chanting. I guess it always felt pretty normal to us though  because it's all we've known.

You girls went to an art school in Boston? Other than music, which other art forms are you into ? 
The Art of self improvement

What Albums are you listening to at the moment? 
Taraka: Lee Hazlewood - Cowboy In Sweden (1970)
Nimai: High Life - Best Bless (2010)

Whats the one thing your looking forward to doing when you get to Australia ?
Going to the beach and meeting some wacked out wildlife

Watch out for those sharks hey. I read you performed live with Sun Araw, is there any chance of seeing Prince Sunarawma in Aus this summer ??
Hell yes.

When I found out you would be performing with Omar Souleyman, it made perfect sense, what a line up! How was it ? And whats the man like ??
Dude that man is the BOSS. Even when he was just chilling out with us in his Malibu sweatpant suit chain smoking he never once took his sunglasses off or stopped being the total king of cool. 

Favourite movie ?
Taraka: 2001 Space Odyssey
Nimai: Lost Boys

I know many Australian guys want me to ask this, are you girls single ??
Ha nice try. We both date Abercrombie models back in Brooklyn.

Crisp! Who do you think are the next bands from Brooklyn to blow up?
Its hard to know. Hopefully someone amazing like Guardian Alien, Amen Dunes or New Balance, but most likely some lame chillwave band.

And last of all, whats your knowledge of Australian bands like ? Ill throw a name at you and tell me what you think of them..
Tame Impala ? No Idea
Cut Copy ? Nimai:oh cool
INXS ? No Clue
Midnight Oil ? Never heard of 'em

Well thanks for being real. 

Check Prince Rama / Sun Araw / Cadillac / Rites Wild on 28th Jan @ Buffalo Club Melbourne. Unforgettable
Buy tix here

'Trust Now' out now via Paw Tracks , get on it (Shadow Temple also highly reccomended)
Prince Rama: Trust Now by alteredzones
& this is the 'Endless Summer' remix they chanted out for us, go deep
Cadillac - Endless Summer (Prince Rama Realmix) by Cadillac™

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