Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bag Raiders Interview

Unlike most artist blogs, we dont want to be spamming you guys with never ending news on how we think we are killing it. Instead we want to concentrate more on the music we are digging & bring you interviews from our friends, other artists we like & just people who have some real things to say in general.

So to kick things off, we caught up with the Bag Raiders direct from LA. They dropped their debut album a year ago & since then they have been one of the busiest acts on the face of the planet. Having set the benchmark for other Australian electronic upstarts, we fire a few questions at the boys to find out what theyve been up to since releasing the album, why they decided to move to LA and where to find the best burgers in town. 

You guys recently moved to LA, why the move & how are you finding it ?
Man I love it! It's not the kind of city that jumps out and grabs you right away - it's not a New York, Paris, Tokyo kind of city. But once you've been here for a while you start to get hip to what's going on and it comes to life in it's own special way.

Everyone knows the Bag Raiders = Burger Connoisseurs. The best burger in LA is ?
Haha that's more Chris than me. Although being on tour with him so much I'll probably still end up with the butt cancer but without the enjoyment in the first place. It's hard to go past in-n-out though, figuratively and literally (it's hard to go past without stopping in for a double double animal style). 8 oz is also good and I hear the Roosevelt in Hollywood has some dope burgers too.

How are the live shows going in the states ? Do the crowds differ to Aussie crowds ?
Going great although we're kind of slowing down on them at the moment to focus on doing some writing. I think the crowds are pretty similar actually. People seem to like and react to music the same in Australia and the US. Europe, Japan, South America, for example, there's some more obvious differences

You've spent quite a bit of time touring in South America. Seems like they've got a crush on you boys and a few other Aussie bands like Cut Copy and Miami Horror to name a few. What has been your favourite country to play in and why?
Yeah we just got back from there actually. We played festivals in Brazil and Chile and did two nights in a row at a joint in Colombia. Two nights in a row - how good! Feeling like Simply Red playing the Entertainment Centre or something. I love Colombia. The people there are amazing, love to party, and shit they can dance!

What's the typical day in the life of a bag raider now that you live in LA? Have you moved all your gear over with you?
Yeah we shipped a bunch, bought more stuff over here too. But it's taken us so long to set the studio up! Oh man feels like we've been in Guitar Centre and Radio Shack more than we've been in the studio.

What's the beach life like in LA? Favourite beach? 
It's coming into winter and apparently all the beaches in LA proper are pretty shitty. I think you have to go up the coast or down to the OC for a swim

What's your favourite album right now?
Diggin the new Drake album and I've also got a bit of a soft spot for the Drums new one too.

And lastly, when are you back on Aussie shores?

Back in a week! Yeah we're doing Stereosonic which will actually be the last Australian live shows for this album. So we're planning on doing it real big and special for these last five shows. We've been touring the album for over a year now so we're both pretty excited to go out with a blast and then come back to LA and hit the studio for real to get busy on the second album.

I Won't Let Go (Bag Raiders REMIX) by bagraiders

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