Sunday, 20 November 2011


Dreamcast's are our interpretation of a Podcast/Mixtape. Come along on this journey with us where we will invite some of our friends and favourite artists to host the Dreamcast & from time to time we'll even host it ourselves. There is more to music than dancing and we will enlist some great guest's to take you on a journey of the mind and spirit..

Volume 1 is hosted by Italian VHS supremo Polysick. Commonly known for his amazing video work for AAVV, he is also in command of Polysick & TheAwayTeam. We caught up with the man direct from Rome.

Egisto, Welcome! we're really stoked to have you kicking things off for our Dreamcast series, Ive been a huge fan of your AAVV video stuff for a while, now that your putting out alot more music, has the video editing been put on hold ?
Thanks alot! Yes. I havnt been doing much video editing laitly, partly because I've been more involved in music production. My approach to video making is totally naif and spontaneous so i have to be in the right mood to sit down and mess around with the visuals. As for the label, were actually after a couple of artists whose works we'd like to release, but it will take some time.

Since the Dreamcast idea came to me in a dream, lets talk about dreams. I once had a dream when i was a kid that my mum was bitten by a shark, I literally had to go check she still had both legs, so.. what dreams have stuck with you forever?

That's scary! I rarely have such vivid dreams: one that was recurring in the past was getting lost in a familiar place, like discovering unkown rooms in my house. I'd say that daydreaming happens to me more frequently and is a more intense experience.

Do you think as we get older we have less dreams? I remember having 2-3 dreams per night as a youngster.
Yeah, this is a common thing. But getting old has some positive side effects too, like absent mindedness and hyperfocus: these kind of human glitches are a primary source of creativity and pleasure for me.

Both your videos and music have such a dreamy nostalgia, in particular TheAwayTeam's Relax & Sleep video. How did that idea come about?

I wouldn't call it nostalgia; it has more to do with the hyperreality of tv images and the state of numbness they induce. There's a subtle sense of comfort in hearing or watching something that you have the feeling you alerady know. The idea behind "Relax&Sleep" was to create a visual flow manipulating old tv clips, placing them in a different and enexpected context, bringin out their hallucinatory quality, to induce a soothing - but at the same time - eerie mental state. DVD buyers also get a special audio content called "Audio Tools for Sleeping", an hour of synth based minimal drones designed for falling asleep, a concept inspired by the "sleep concerts" performed by Robert Rich in the eighties.

So musically, you have two projects on the go. Whats the difference between Polysick & TheAwayTeam?
Polysick it's supposed to be more focused on the beat, while TheAwayTeam is more about ambient and exploring different zones, but the boundary tends to fade lately.

I know you listen to alot of different genres from alot of different era's but what have you been listening to alot laitly? 
Early 90's ambient stuff (you can hear a few examples in the mixtape I prepared for you) and the usual amount of semi-obscure early house tracks. Two recent releases that I like a lot are the retro-futuristic library music of ADR on Public Information (a very interesting label) and the Octo Octa EP on 100%Silk which is absolutely great!

You did the video for Com Truise's 'iwywaw' , how did that come about? 
We got in touch last year. He was still an unkown very talented producer with a couple of tracks on soundcloud; I thought those tunes were amazing so making a video for "iwywaw" came quite easy and quick.

Youve got the new AwayTeam album 'Star Kinship' out now in Japan & a new Polysick album 'Flow FM' (out very soon on 100%silk), what can people expect to hear on the new Polysick jam ?
For some time now I've been wanting to make a "dance mixtape" like those that were made in the 90's (like "The Evil Baron Acid" or "Stakker - Eurotechno") but with more variation. What came out in the end is very different tho: think of a pirate radio transmission, a flow of tracks, bits and intermissions rangin from acid house, to more relaxed house, chillout and dub tunes. It will be on cassette, which is the ideal format for this kind of stuff, but will be available in digital too.

I was lucky enough to have a look at a few designs good friend Jo Cutri was doing for a Polysick single, When does that drop ?
Yeah, Jo has made some wonderful artwork 
for this 7" I'm releasing for BigLove, a cool japanese label. It will feature two track, one is called "Nightwalk" and is a tribute to a cult latenight tv program aired in the late 80's. I don't know the release date yet, but I will let you know when it's out, for sure ;-)

Ok so your italian, on a scale of 1-10 , how much do you love pizza ?
10 of course, but it has to be a real one! No frozen pizza allowed here

And lucky last, if you had the chance to visit Australia, whats the first thing you would want to do ?
I'd like to visit the Uluru, the mysterious sacred mountain of the aboriginals. I read that in the ancient era, that they call "the Dreaming" (!), weird things happened down there...

-Arnhem Land